How to Clean the Kitchen Shelves Properly

How to Clean the Kitchen Shelves Properly

Cabinets or shelves are one of the kitchen furniture that is not spared from oil stains and food that comes from cooking activities. In addition to these stains, kitchen cabinets are also vulnerable to stains from your hands. If the stains are left just like that, of course it will be increasingly difficult to clean. As a result, your kitchen cabinets look worn and dirty. Aside from applying the shelf liner that you can get after reading the reviews on the site of Kitchenario, it would be better to also know how to do the proper clean and care. In just 30 minutes the same type of cupboard kitchen furniture that is usually located on the stove can be clean and look like new. Try to follow the steps below to clean the exterior of your kitchen cabinet:

– Clean dust and dirt found on the exterior of the cupboard using a duster or dry cloth.
– Use a solution of cleaning products and warm water to clean the outside of the kitchen cabinet. A mixture of cleaning liquid and warm water can clean up the remaining oil stains and leftover food stains.
– Dry all the outside of the kitchen cabinet with a dry cloth.
– In addition to the exterior of the kitchen cabinet, the interior or interior must also be cleaned. In general, the dirt in the inside of the kitchen cabinet is in the form of a lump of dust. Here’s how to clean the interior of a kitchen cabinet:

* Clear your closet by removing all contents first.
* Clean dust and crumbs found on the inside of the cupboard using a dry cloth.
* Apply the right mixture of water and cleaning products
* Rinse the remaining foam with a damp cloth.
* Dry the interior of the kitchen cabinets by using a dry cloth.

Besides paying attention to the cleanliness of kitchen furniture, especially cabinets or cabinets, you also need to maintain the cleanliness of the items stored in it. Usually, kitchen cabinets are used to store some utensils for cooking or cooking. When you clean the exterior and interior of the kitchen cabinet, it would be nice if you wash all the eating utensils and cooking stored in it. This is because items stored in kitchen cabinets for long periods of time will certainly not escape dirt and dust.

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