How fast can someone build his or her muscle?

How fast can someone build his or her muscle?

Each individual has a different body character and different metabolic and hormonal systems. To get an ideal body is also very varied for each individual, depending on the mass of body fat and muscle mass that is owned when starting an exercise program. The higher the mass of body fat, the longer the time it takes to get the desired result. But all individuals can definitely get a proportionate body, with abdominal muscles, chest, and arms that are formed, as long as have a high commitment to practicing and maintaining his diet. Meanwhile, you may want to buy crazy bulk as well, especially if you want to get the faster result of your muscle training.

The exercise program should always be based on GPO (Gradually Progressive Overload) which always increases the burden of each exercise with the aim of increasing strength and muscle mass of the body. Do not forget to combine the weight training with the cardio workout. We recommend that cardio exercise is done after weight training for individuals who have medium-high body fat.

As an easy benchmark in designing an exercise program for those with moderate-to-high body fat: weight training 30-40%, cardio training 60-70% of total exercise amount in 1 week. For example, in 1 week the amount of training is 5x, the weight training is 2x and the card training is 3x. For those who have low body fat is weight training 60-70% and the cardio exercise will be around 30-40%.

Aside from the time, don’t forget that the nutrients that will support the muscle growth can be necessary, especially protein. Furthermore, make sure you’re not going to train yourself excessively in order to prevent any muscle injury. Don’t forget to get the proper amount of resting and sleeping hours as well, so your body will get its chance to recover, all the while letting the muscle get used to your training and absorb the nutrients that you consume from your meals and supplements. Then, you also need to make sure that you’ll always get properly hydrated in order to support the overall result of your training.

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