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In simple words, the Property Agent Singapore has the task to bring together the seller and the buyer to reach a sale and purchase agreement between the two, as well as taking care of the needs before and after the transaction process. However, using an agent or not using an agent becomes an issue of pros and cons among property. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, let’s discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the services of property agents.

As said more and more, the agents of property aren’t created equal, which means the work with the different ways to provide the service and create the satisfaction for you. Sure, you should understand this before you jump into making the choice of which agent to work with. The professionalism of property agents varies. Choosing a quality property agent is also not easy. It could be that the property owner gets an uninspiring agent, so the property sale is less quickly. For example, after posting an ad, the agent is only waiting for a call from a potential buyer but is not actively calling or visiting a potential buyer. And commonly done by a broker is request / get a double commission, where he receives a commission from the seller and also the buyer.

In another case, there is a property agent that does not provide prospective buyer information with a high price quote to the owner because the buyer is introduced by another agent requiring the primary agent to share the fee with another agent. For a professional agent, of course, he does not hide this important information, even if the agent loses due to sharing the fee. What’s happening in the field is that the agent prefers to introduce potential buyers at a cheaper price to the owner so that he does not have to share fees with other agents and earn a bigger profit from there.

Some rogue property agents also often deliberately keep prospective buyers and sellers in the hope of selling their properties at higher prices and commissions. So, knowing the reputation of a good property agent with professional certification would be a matter that must be considered by the property owner before entrusting the property sold by the agent.

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