Here’s Some Kitchen Designs You Can Use At Home

Here’s Some Kitchen Designs You Can Use At Home

Inside the house, the kitchen part would be the part you really need because you will do the cooking process in it. So, the selection of furniture you also have to adjust to your needs every day. For various kitchen furniture, you need, you can get it in orlando outdoor kitchen.


However, before choosing a cabinet or other furniture for your kitchen, you need to know what kind of kitchen design you have at home. some kitchen design that you should recognize is

1. Kitchen design with one wall
Cook kitchen design is often referred to as the kitchen form I has only one wall. although not able to apply the concept of work triangle, this design is very suitable for a house that has a small size. There are many tricks you can do in a small kitchen. One of them is by building an efficient design because you do not have to walk far while doing the cooking process.

2. Design of galley kitchen
This kitchen cooking design is also often referred to as a kitchen corridor. You can apply the concept of kitchen work triangle in this kitchen. Basically, dap [ur cook is rectangular with equipment and equipment placed on the right and left side of the kitchen. for movement, it feels more efficient, but unfortunately, you can not put the kitchen island here because it will disturb the road.

3. L-shaped kitchen design
This kitchen deck is an extension of the kitchen cooking one wall by widening the area to one wall next to it. Kitchen cooking with this design is also appropriate to apply the concept of kitchen work triangle and built to medium-sized occupancy to large. because there is empty space in the center of the kitchen, you can put the kitchen island with some seats around it.

Of the three designs, you should be able to determine which design you will use before you choose various furniture in the kitchen.

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