Get To Know Some Types Of Grass That Are Useful For Health

Get To Know Some Types Of Grass That Are Useful For Health

We are certainly no stranger to hearing that grass is a pest that is very disturbing especially when you don’t cut it regularly and eventually grow taller in the yard. however, it turns out that there are several types of wild mud that are beneficial for health. however, you still have to cut the grass so that it can grow neatly on your home. At Review Jam you will be able to see any lawn mower that suits your needs.

Below are some types of weeds that turn out to have their own benefits for your health. Some types of grass in question are

1. Cyperus Rotundus
This grass can be used to normalize the menstrual cycle, painkillers (analgesics), and sedatives (sedatives). Although it may feel spicy, somewhat bitter, and sweet, has many nutritious ingredients. For example alkaloids, flavonoids, cineol, and pinene. What is used as medicine is the tuber.

2. Euphorbia Hirta
The beneficial substances in this grass are quite a lot. Namely taraxerol, friedlin, beta amirin, beta-sitosterol, beta eufol, triterpenoid, hentriacontane, flavonoids, tannins, and ellagic acid. Thus, this plant is useful as an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), diuretic (urine laxative), and antipruritic (eliminating itching).

3. Ageratum conyzoides
When there is a wound on the skin, this grass can be used as medicine. A sore chest can also be treated with this grass. Just drink the decoction of the leaves. The leaf extract is useful for treating eye pain. While the roots, useful to reduce fever.

So, do not assume that grass is only a doubting plant and a pest for other plants. In fact, if you know the right way to process it, there are several types of grass that are useful for health. So, don’t forget to take good of your health

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