Follow Current Trend, Choose Quality Shock T-Shirt!

Follow Current Trend, Choose Quality Shock T-Shirt!

From the type of design to the motif shirt printing is not only a shirt that is done just printing because each of the screen printing t-shirts is made to have a singapore t shirt printing.theme that is different from the motifs shirt printing to one another. Of course, also the type of shirts screen printing a lot of different kinds of colors and models that will always seem to attract the attention of young people. Most of most people order from our singapore t shirt printing and are usually addressed to a community of tribes who basically expect their clothes to be outfitted with a certain picture-and-word-textile motif to show the identity of the community.

Not all screen printing t-shirts have the same technic, in this case, some shirts of screen printing are distinguished several types, especially from the way the producers do the screen printing process. Foaming screen printing produces embossed effects, can also be said 3D screen printing, this type of screen printing reacts after the finishing/press. After the press, the screened image will form a curve on the surface of the shirt, and on the inside of the shirt will produce a curvature. There are several types of screen printing that we have not discussed here, such as the type of screen printing crack, burn-out, glitter, caviar, aroma, Chromicolor, photopia, Thermolock etc. We will cover the second episode of the screen printing character. Which type of screen printing do you like best? Customize the type of screen printing and the type of shirts that are suitable for your buyers, so that your products are efficient and in accordance with your needs.

Manual techniques rely on special prints that take a while to make them. After the mold so then pours the ink and rub straight to paste in plain t-shirt fabric. Indeed in terms of techniques seem simple but the color quality is very prominent. That is one of the advantages! Color quality is more prominent, not even faded faster than digital screen printing techniques. The printout is the most perfect when using high-quality ink. That’s not the only advantage of manual engineering. Usually, the prints have better t-shirts. In addition to the prominent color quality, manual techniques keep a secret moment such as embossed designs and more foaming characters. All of that is completely invisible if you choose digital techniques.

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