Facts About Proper Use of Air Conditioning Unit

Facts About Proper Use of Air Conditioning Unit

Proper use of air conditioning can certainly bring benefits. The first thing that may come up in your mind is how much you can save on electricity usage, which can then help you save more money when paying the utility bills. As already explained, using AC as it should also be able to determine how often you should call aircon servicing singapore. However, not many people are concerned with the proper use of air conditioning.

Set the temperature greater than 22o C when using more than 8 hours. Why should that be? Temperatures set below 22o C cause the AC to work harder continuously and the AC becomes energy-intensive. Of course, this will make you dizzy when you see a bloated electric bill, right? The other economical side, such temperature regulation instead makes the components forced to work hard at all times and even become quickly damaged. Please note that the air conditioner is a room temperature regulator is not air conditioning so the actual AC task is to create a comfortable temperature for our bodies, 24o – 25o C is sufficient for the climate in Indonesia. Moreover, if the reason we want to get the extreme cold to quickly eliminate the heat we feel, it is not appropriate because it changes the temperature from hot to cold drastically even harmful to the body. Imagine, a glass of hot water that immediately poured ice water would be immediately broken, what if it happens to our body? Certainly, drastic changes in temperature and humidity will endanger our respiratory system.

Do you routinely wash the AC? Conditioned air conditioning will make the air conditioner become healthy. Healthy air conditioning has an impact on healthy living for us. The buildup of dust and dirt will have an impact on engine damage and air conditioning components, the health and quality of the air consumed by consumers, and the waste of energy that affects the bloated electricity bill.

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