Effective Ways To Eliminate Melasma

Effective Ways To Eliminate Melasma

Feeling disturbed by blotchy, black or bluish gray on the top cheek, upper lip, chin, and forehead? This symptom is called melasma. Melasma is a chronic skin condition that causes discoloration of the facial skin. Hormonal changes and sun exposure are major factors that cause melasma. Pregnant women also often experience melasma and these symptoms will disappear naturally after childbirth, or you can use Creme Para Melasma. Visit our website to get more information about it.

Many ways to eliminate melasma that can be considered at once tried by you as follows.

– Use Hydroquinone Cream

Hydroquinone serves to block the chemical processes in the skin responsible for forming melanin which causes dark skin pigment. Hydroquinone is present in cream, lotion, gel, and liquid. The prescribed hydroquinone generally has a concentration of 4%, whereas if 4% more concentrations can only cause ochronosis ie permanent skin discoloration. Use a prescription from a dermatologist or general practitioner to avoid excessive doses. Use an alternative to itching the skin in several ways.

– Stop Drugs That Cause Melasma

The contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy can affect hormones and trigger melasma. These 2 factors are the triggers of melasma after pregnancy. Try to consult a physician to determine if the use of the drug can be stopped and see the effect that will be caused by stopping the drug.

– Chemical Exfoliation Procedure

This procedure uses glycolic acid or a chemical abrasion agent to peel the affected skin of melasma. Liquid chemicals are applied to the skin but a mild burning sensation will occur. When the new skin peeling layer will melasma free but this procedure must be accompanied by a balance of hormones in the body. For severe melasma cases, the option that can be used is trichloroacetic acid but use with these chemicals will be sicker afterward.

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