Don’t know Freon AC? This He Compounds Invisible But Rich in Benefits

The mention of a freon for the general public sounds still strange to the ears but what about the AC? It must be very famous, right? In this day and age, the presence of air conditioners in every house, office, mall, or even vehicle cannot be refused any more. Especially for residents living in the tropics or arid regions. AC is the number one commodity needed for life today. Inside the AC there is a component called Freon which is an important compound so that it plays a role in AC performance. Here aircon installation singapore will review Freon as a gas-shaped chemical compound used to absorb air-conditioning loads as fluids.

This type of freon is in the form of gas so that freon has no color and also has no odor. Because the functions of this freon are many varieties, freon is classified into several clearly based on the type of fluid used, while the type is HCFC known as Hydrochlofluorocarbon, there is also CFS known as Chlorofluorocarbon and a type of natural that is directly used from nature. In its use, safe freon is highly recommended. Freon substances actually do not harm as long as they are not released into the air or what is meant is that the AC installation does not drool.

If it is inhaled, the result is swelling of the throat, blurred vision, shortness of breath, abdominal pain and disruption of the circulatory system. Freon air conditioning has a function to help regulate the temperature of the room that has a different type. The difference in freon AC is very influential on the comfort of the user if by type is Freon R22 which generally has a potential for ozone damage around 0.05 if compared to other types of freon which are worth 0. However, this type is not flammable so it can still be used. Unfortunately, in some countries, this Freon may no longer be traded or even traded.

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