Do You Want to Use Facebook Live?

Do You Want to Use Facebook Live?

By using Facebook Live, users can immediately broadcast via a video call system to all friends who have Facebook. The process of making live streaming videos using Facebook is not too difficult or even easy to use. So, when will you start to use Live Stream service and get the most of business return on investment?

To start opening Facebook Live, you have to open a status column like it will update the status on your Facebook page. Then you must click on the icon shaped like a person circled to start this live streaming video.

Next you as a user will immediately be asked to enter the name of the video that you uploaded and choose an audience or audience. In this case, the audience can be said as your target market. This means that this audience is that you can just make a video intended for all people or certain groups. Then, you can immediately press the button to do the live streaming to all members or users who become your friends.

The more people there are on your Facebook, the greater the benefits you get because you can cover many people directly. Ideally, the video that must be uploaded is 5 to 20 minutes in duration. Just use a solid, concise and clear video title. If you really need an additional explanation about your business, then you should just write it in the comments column. In addition to videos, you also need to add a little narration and a brief synopsis of your posts using some interesting images.

If you want certain people to see the video, then tag them so that a notification will appear immediately and make it easier for them to see it immediately and not search again. Thus, you don’t have to worry about collateral-free credit interest because you have succeeded in reducing promotional costs in order to increase profits.

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