Do not Do Some of These Errors While Using SEO

Do not Do Some of These Errors While Using SEO

Now, all businesses must use SEO in order to run well and so that business can be known by many people. However, you also need to know that there are some mistakes in SEO that you should always avoid. In addition, you also have to create SEO in a quality place like in MADISON -AFFORDABLE SEO and Web Design EXPERTS. not only SEO, they also serve website design to look good.

Some mistakes on SEO that you should always avoid is

– Build Unnatural Backlinks
A backlink is one thing where the site links or articles on your blog pinned by others on his website/blog, the more quality content you have the greater the possibility of getting backlinks from other sites.
Good backlinks come from sites or articles that have similar topics or discussions. The more you get backlinks, the search engines like Google will judge that your site is a good site and your chances of getting a good ranking are higher.

– Excessive Keyword Use
In writing an article, it should be we put the keyword on the contents of articles that we write. Keywords that are embedded are sometimes too redundant, too often repeated. It also has a negative impact on the article. Generally, the keyword density range embedded in articles that are considered good is between 5% – 10% of the total content. Embedding too excessive keywords can also be considered as spam articles by search engines.

– Bad On page SEO
Creating a blog article is the same as doing an exam at school. Be sure to always review each article before publishing it and analyze it to see good On-Page SEO rules in your article.
Here are some on-page SEO errors:
1. Do not use appropriate title and meta description and target keyword
2. Not compose content using appropriate heading and sub-headings using grammar and spelling with poor reading
3. There is no picture as a sweetener

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