Differences in Backphone, Headset, and Earphones

Differences in Backphone, Headset, and Earphones

At first glance, these three words have the same meaning in an audio device that often complements various gadgets and many people often like to distinguish the type of audio device. Actually, there are still a number of other devices whose names are similar to this device. You should know, for example, earphones are audio devices that are mounted on the ear, are tiny and are used to damage sound or audio. You can find many best earphones with mic references to find out how it works. Earphones have a unique way of working that is by changing electrical energy into audio waves. Earphones can be used in a variety of devices such as computers, home theater, and cellphones. The form is small and concise, earphones are also often used by television crews to make it easier for them to communicate.

While a device called a headset is similar to headphones, the difference is, if this headset is equipped with a microphone, it is commonly used to communicate via a computer when you use social media. There is also the so-called handsfree which combines the power of the earphone and microphone and there is a control function that accompanies it. This control can include call accepting buttons, volume buttons, pause or play and so on. So the user can do the control without having to hold or touch the device connected to the handsfree. The shape is small to be in the ear and practical to make many gadget lovers use these accessories.

Another unique thing is back the phone. Back means back and can describe the purpose of this device. Backphone has a shape similar to a headset and headphones with smaller earplugs. If the headset and headphones have a shape like a headband and how to use it is similar, then how to use the back phone is by tucking the hook into the ear gap so that the device does not fall. Other devices are handsets that are actually not part of an audio device, but their names are often misinterpreted because they are similar to headsets or headphones. The handset is a hand-held device such as a smartphone or iPod.

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