Difference between Airsoft Gun and Paintball Gun

Difference between Airsoft Gun and Paintball Gun

The difference between an airsoft gun and paintball gun is rather difficult to see at a glance. For ordinary people, both games are like war simulations with team players and using replica firearms. Even the players often wear camouflage clothes like soldiers to add a realistic impression. However, please note that the airsoft gun and paintball actually have some inequalities. Below are points that distinguish the two games, so you don’t choose the wrong one.

– The price of paintball devices is more expensive than an airsoft gun

– Airsoft gun weapons seem more real than paintball
Although the price of an airsoft gun device is cheaper, the replica quality turns out to be close to the original. The players are not allowed to show the weapon to the general public. In addition, the specifications and use of airsoft gun devices also follow the original weapons, such as how to work to complementary accessories. In contrast to paintball guns which, although more expensive, are not made similar to the original.

– Airsoft gun bullets are smaller than paintball
The difference between an airsoft gun and paintball then lies in the bullet. The size of the bullet in a larger paintball game turns out to make it easier for the opponent to dodge or hide because the bullet can already be seen remotely. While the bullets in airsoft gun weapons have more minimal wind resistance, so they can speed quickly and are difficult to see because of their small size.

– The role in the airsoft gun is more diverse than paintball
In paintball, the members are only divided into three different teams. Members can also use the command system, but usually, these roles are not too important to use. It’s different from an airsoft gun that actually uses war tactics. Roles in an airsoft gun, such as team leaders, reconstruction, shooters, to strategy designers, have the main task in this game. There is also a supporting role that will be appointed to serve in the ‘battlefield’.

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