Depression During Menopause, These Are Some Ways to Overcome It

Depression During Menopause, These Are Some Ways to Overcome It

Menopause is a natural process of the cessation of menstruation in line with the continued age of a woman. On average women experience menopause between the ages of 40-50 years, which is accompanied by a significant decrease in the production of the hormone estrogen. Hormonal changes in the menopause process often have a physical and psychological impact on women. As for, the psychological impact can be depression symptoms such as excessive anxiety, paranoia, irritability and offense by trivial matters, feeling he is a burden, sadly excessive, depressed, and always thinking negatively until difficulty sleeping. Well, the psychological impact must be really monitored so that women entering the menopause period do not lose their enthusiasm and end up wanting to end their lives. There are several ways you can do to deal with stress symptoms at menopause. One of them is doing medical actions such as diverting negative thoughts by hanging out with friends, sharing ideas with loved ones, as well as traveling on ayahuasca retreat so that the body and mind become more relaxed.

More than 50% of women identify menopause as a negative process. Due to hormonal changes, menopausal women tend to experience drastic mood swings. Apparently, he continued, depressive symptoms at menopause were more common in women who had low adaptability to change. As a result, prolonged stress due to menopause syndrome cannot be avoided. In some women, menopause is also accompanied by changes in extreme eating patterns; either become too much to eat or even lose appetite. Many are haunted by insomnia every night, which leads to emotional disturbances.

One thing that is not less important is paying attention to lifestyle and food intake. Little things like gardening, sightseeing, cooking your family’s favorite dishes, yoga, participating in organizational, religious and social activities will help relieve menopausal stress. A study conducted by the Physical Fitness Research Institute, Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation of Health and Welfare in Tokyo revealed that stretching for at least 10 minutes/day can relieve symptoms of depression at menopause.

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