Condoms and Basic Materials

Condoms and Basic Materials

Nowadays a lot of condoms are sold in the market. Ranging from a textured to having a variety of fruit flavors. This can increase the sensation in oral sex of course. In general, many condoms are condoms that are latex-based. But there are also made of animal skin or plastic. As reported by site, until now latex condoms are the most effective to prevent pregnancy or venereal disease. Leather-based condoms are thinner than latex condoms, but condoms from animal skin have large pores for viruses that cause venereal disease. When using a latex condom, use only water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants can damage condoms. Vaseline and baby oil contain oil, so do not use as a condom lubricant made of latex. To choose the right condom, it is recommended that you visit our site as condom stores.

For you or your partner who is allergic to latex, can use condoms made of plastic or polyurethane. A plastic condom is as effective as a latex condom to prevent pregnancy and venereal disease. Plastic condoms are a bit thinner than latex, but less flexible, requiring more lubrication. Oil-based lubricants can be used for this type of condom. Condoms are available in various sizes. Condoms made of latex, stretchable and can be used for various sizes mr.P, however, using condoms with the right size is still recommended that condoms are not released or torn when used.

Currently, there are various types of condoms in circulation, some are textured, some are flavorful, some also have a variety of fruit flavors that can enhance the sexual experience of ladies with a partner. Installing a condom can also be used as one element foreplay. You can pair the condoms for the couple, slowly, while looking at the couple. For some people, condoms are not beneficial because it can interfere with spontaneity when going to have sex. Imagine, already foreplay, but you and your partner must stop first to install a condom.

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