The common types of the car jack

The common types of the car jack

In its development, the current jack is not only used on cars alone, currently widely used in various types of vehicles, such as trains, motorcycles or other. Meanwhile, you can also check out best floor jack to buy on the market.

Type of jack based on the style system there are 2 kinds as follows:

Mechanical jack: On this jack, the force will be extended and enlarged through the gears to the teeth.

Hydraulic jack: On this jack, the force will be continued with an intermediate of the liquid. This jack has the characteristics of a crocodile’s mouth that have a fairly high practicality of use. By using the fulcrum on a jack that has a flat shape and accompanied by a small wheel, making this type of jack can be used on cars that have a low ground clearance and use the hydraulic system. In this system makes the job easier. Here a small compression force on a small piston moves a large piston resulting in a large lift.

Wrap Scissors

Called the scissors jack because the shape almost resembles a pair of scissors, other than that this type of jack is also called the jack. The scissor jack is the standard equipment available in every car, meaning that if you buy a new car, it is usually included with this type of jack. How to use this jack is to rotate the threaded axis clockwise, and rotate in reverse direction to loosen.

Excess scissors jack is cheap, easy maintenance, practical, and not many places, while the weakness of the scissors jack is a lot of energy needed to lift the car.

Bottle the bottle

Named the bottle jack because its shape is almost like a bottle. How it works from this jack using the hydraulic system. So when you will use to lift the car, stay pumped using the available lever, while to lower if you just relax the valve.

The advantages are this type of jack using a hydraulic system, so when used to lift the car feels lighter.

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