Coins must be maintained in carefully

Coins must be maintained in carefully

Each collection requires special handling to be more durable. Similarly, coins. Without proper care, surely the collections will gradually become damaged. Moreover, old coins or even the unique custom challenge coins. Of course, the value of such coins will be reduced. By giving a little attention, then the state and value of a coin will certainly survive.

Less fully known how to refine the metal that will be used in making coins. Usually, the metal is present in the crust of the earth in the form of a complex mixture, but not stable (stable). After excavation, the metal ores are separated and produce more or less pure metal. Often different metals are mixed in order to combine or combine their metal properties and made a mixture to be used as material in coin making.

Viewed from the point of view of the experts, some metals are eligible for the manufacture of coins, the metal ore must be taken from the excavation or mine. Those who often handle or own a certain amount of silver must know how to clean the job becomes a necessity or obligation that should not be ignored.

For example, when we replace the electric fuse, it will appear fine wires made of wrapped copper. The connection looks faded. These signals start to break down. In both cases above the surface of the uncoated pure metal will react with the principal elements of the atmosphere, forming a more fixed (unchanged) metal alloy.

The simplest reaction is that when the metal combined with oxygen atmosphere will form the oxide (metallic oxide). All of this almost resembles substances that are always dull, which eventually makes the surface of the coin become damaged luster. The metal can also be mixed with atmospheric vapors, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, dilute acids, and the essential elements present in the armor.

Anyone who collects coins and resides in the industrial area will be faced with special problems caused by local circumstances and influences. Sometime later this situation can be approved by the experts. Ultimately, the outer layers of the metal alloy will form on its surface and act as anchoring to further events and influences.

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