Ceramic Design Variations Attract for Your Home Floor

Ceramic Design Variations Attract for Your Home Floor

The artistic creation of the house does not have to be based on the wall. About design, there are many ways to display the beauty of the house from all sides, from the furniture to the lights, including displaying something striking for the floor. For floor creations, you can choose wood parquet floors, carpets, or ceramic tile designs. Inset House Karya Delution Architect. Inset House, which is located in the Pondokgede area of ??Bekasi, uses a different type of floor for each room. If in other rooms and private rooms the designer selects warm wooden parquet floors, the living room is fitted with ceramics with large sizes and colors that match the interior of the house. If you like something classic and your kitchen is dominated by monochrome colors, you can imitate the selection of ceramic motifs like the house in Cilandak House Park. The design that seems ‘crowded’ looks more alive the atmosphere. When deciding to make a beautiful design for your floor, you also have to prepare yourself for cleanliness, one way is by sisal rug cleaning.

Because the terrace is the area most often used by children to play and is part of the house that was first seen when guests arrived, you should use a ceramic with a rather rough surface so as not too slippery when the rain comes. Choose bright colors so that it looks to support the beauty of your home. Ceramics puzzle models for example that look unique and artistic at the same time. For the bathroom, you can choose colors that are colorful or monotonous like the example above. Use diagonal settings to get a unique and chic style. The choice of the floor above is perfect for those of you who like modern, dark and neutral nuances. The selection of these ceramics will help the masculine style of the bathroom remain intact, but also very contemporary. If you have a sink in front of the bathroom, there’s nothing wrong with installing different ceramic motifs. For example, in the style of mosaics. Because you can adjust it as you like, you can make various shapes and patterns with small tiles. Installing a mirror with a matching model will also enhance its appearance.

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