Car Detailing Could Make Cars Look Like New

Car Detailing Could Make Cars Look Like New

Car care includes many things besides the engine, other things are not less important, namely body care and the addition of car accessories whose purpose is to provide comfort during driving and beauty is seen by others. A car that looks clean and well-maintained, it’s the owner’s desires. One of the car body treatments is by using the car detailing Orlando service to do the surface coating of the car body with paint correction. But along with the development of automotive technology, coating the surface of the body can be combined with other types of treatments

This process usually involves three coating combinations, namely, paint correction, paint polishing, and finishing polishing. This combination is called auto detailing. This auto detailing technology is very specific and detailed because it cannot be done any service that cannot guarantee quality. First, correction aims to lift the original color of the body. By returning the original color of the car that looks dull, the car looks new again. Secondly, paint polishing aims to eliminate scratches on the body. Like fine scratches and swirl marks. Third, polishing finishing is the last step after the original color returns and scratches are removed.

Each stage uses a different foam pad. Three types of foam pads are used, namely, coarse, medium and fine which are combined with spread compound products. Usually, each coating stage uses the same foam pad even though this method is wrong and dangerous. The use of a foam pad that is not right is very risky because it can damage the surface layer. Work on car detailing can spend a day, but the length of work depends on the condition and size of the car. The more damage the longer the process takes. So, make sure that you look for the best service so you could get your car to look like new again.

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