Body Reactions When Famine

Body Reactions When Famine

Humans can survive for up to three months without eating. But if unable to alter the body’s metabolism, for example, due to infectious illness, death occurs more quickly. Evolution prepares human beings for the survival phases of the body without an adequate supply of food. Until two or even three months a person can survive without food. With the condition, he was drinking and healthy enough. Professor Joachim Gardemann at the Faculty of Human Biology and Humanitarian Assistance at M√ľnster University: “Hunger is not a disease but a human body’s ability because, from the view of health experts, hunger is an important survival strategy in human organisms, so how can you survive from hunger during few days? You can get the strategy by studying on reviewsfactor to get whether you can survive or not.

The main role in the human body when feeling hungry is the center of hunger in the hypothalamus. The metabolic centers in the brain become active as soon as the levels of blood sugar decrease. This part of the brain is mainly functioning to activate the production of adrenaline stress hormones so that humans do everything possible to find food. If no food comes in, the brain does the second strategy. In order to function, the brain requires a sugar substance that is glucose. Although brain volume covers only two percent of the body’s weight, the brain requires about half of the entire body’s glucose needs. So the brain tries to secure the entire supply of glucose for its needs. Without insulin, glucose can not reach the muscles. So the brain gives a signal to stop the production of insulin. The result is no muscle gain insulin. The brain controls metabolism in such a way that the brain itself can survive.

After 8 to 10 days the body will change its metabolism to so-called energy-saving programs. Activities will decrease to the lowest level. Cardiac frequency, blood pressure, and body temperature decreased. In addition, the body will take fat deposits. For that, the body builds fatty acids into what is called ketones or fatty compounds in the body. This ketone is the most important source of energy and makes people who suffer from hunger can still survive because ketones are the only elements that can still be consumed by the brain other than glucose. If famine is prolonged, more negative impacts will arise. The retaining function of the skin is weakened, so is the immune system, the disease more easily attacked. The worst that the body also changes the heart muscles slowly into food for the brain. Similarly, other important organs, because the organs of the body consist mostly of proteins. After some time the human remains bone and skin. Children look just like old people. People die because organs fail to function. Often the first heart stops functioning.

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