Best moments to enjoy smoking

Best moments to enjoy smoking

For you who are still cigarette lovers, just enjoy every puff of cigarettes that you can still feel. Because if it is not delicious anymore, it’s a sign you should stop smoking. There are certain moments that you can use to savor the puffing after your cigarette. Here we will describe those moments. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the water filter smokes, then perhaps you need to check out the cheap water pipes under $100.

After eating

In the condition of a hungry stomach, any brand cigarette will taste tasteless. You will not feel any sensation of pleasure in smoking. Another story if you’re hungry continue to eat, full stomach, then you turn on a cigarette. The suction cigarettes then hold for a while, slowly remove the smoke then you will feel the peace of this world even though you were in the crowd.

After exercising

One way to remove toxins from the body is to exercise. For smokers who are forward-thinking, exercise is an obligation that should not be abandoned. Can be with football, futsal, swimming, or just jogging. After the exhausting activity then the body needs extra energy so as not to limp. Unlike most people who take supplements, then these smokers will remove a pack of cigarettes from the pocket or bag. Grab a bar then turn it on.

It sounds weird indeed. However, if you do not believe it, you can see in team matches where during the pause the players will definitely smoke to be more be stamina in the face of the second half. To them, nicotine is the breath of life.

After work hard

Stop smoking while working! Yes, exactly! This is because smoking is good after work. Moreover, your job is the heavy and high risk. Smoking while working other than making concentration split is also dangerous. For example, you work at gas stations upped down the BBM. It would be very dangerous if you forced to smoke while working. A big fire will happen in your office.

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