Benefits of White Turmeric For health

Benefits of White Turmeric For health

White turmeric (Curcuma Mangga) is a spice plant and traditional medicine that has been widely known by the people of Indonesia thanks to various kinds of properties contained. The use of white turmeric is very diverse, ranging from beauty, health, even to treating chronic diseases. Do not worry, you can get turmeric here.

But remember, this white turmeric is different from the yellow turmeric commonly used as a cooking spice. Before discussing more the usefulness let us discuss the content contained in white turmeric first.

What content is there in white turmeric? Perhaps that’s mostly a frequently asked question given the many benefits of this white turmeric. After doing a lot of research, it turns out the content in this white turmeric is quite rich of which are as follows:

– Contains RIP (Ribozom Inacting Protein) in which this substance is useful in preventing, threshing, blocking and also disabling cancer cells without damaging surrounding cells.

– Substance Curcumin (Anti Inflammation) in which this substance is a substance that can overcome inflammation or inflammation.

– Anti Lipid Peroxide substances, which can help treat high blood pressure, gout, diabetes as well as coronary heart disease.

– Flavonoid Saponin, which is useful to increase endurance (immunomodulator).

– In addition, white turmeric also contains antioxidants that can protect the gene compiler.

That is some content found in white turmeric. So what are the benefits of this white turmeric?

1. Moisturize Dry Skin

White turmeric has antiseptic and antioxidant content to provide nutrients to dry skin to make it moister without the need to use artificial moisturizer. You can also combine it with honey because honey can bind water which is useful for maintaining moisture and healthy skin inside.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Substance

Benefits of white turmeric for further health is as an anti-inflammatory agent. Anti-bacteria contained in white turmeric is very useful in the healing process of wounds and infections. So you will avoid scars.

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