Basic Skills of Golf That You Should Learn

Basic Skills of Golf That You Should Learn

If you are interested in starting a pattaya golf experience, then you can start the driving range. Driving Range is a fun place to play golf while lobbying clients, your boss or meeting other business people. Anyway, the purpose of his own training is getting ‘feel’ and beat rhythms and determining the direction of the ball using different clubs. Here are other basic skills that you must master when playing golf.

Aim & Alignment

Begin the exercise by placing two clubs on the floor. Place one club in a position perpendicular to the target line for the right position of the ball, and the other club with the target for accurate direction lines. Place the ball outside the club in parallel, and your legs straddle the club that is perpendicular. For the first punch, use the club sand wedge, focus your gaze on the target and practice hitting several balls using the sand wedge, then pitching the wedge.

Mid-iron Shots

When you have found a smooth and precise groove using sand and a pitching wedge, replace your club with mid-irons. Choose different targets using five, six and seven iron and do a dozen blows, again focusing on solid blows, right direction, and tempo.

Fairway Woods & Driver

Now use fairway woods, and finally your drivers. Use 70-80% of your strength, focus on rhythm, balance and solid contact with the center of the club’s surface. Practice with several direction targets within the range. Make it routine before hitting. Stand behind the ball, choose the direction of the main and second targets. Imagine the direction of the ball. Do some swing exercises without the ball, focus your gaze on the closest target and start hitting.

Chip and Putt

After the exercise using the driver, go down to the grass to do the chips punch exercises. Try simulating the types of blows you will do in the field. Practice punching chips close to the hole, and putt it. Each chip hit from a different spot will result in a more effective putt routine than hitting 6 consecutive balls from the same spot.

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