Barriers to Buying the First House

Barriers to Buying the First House

the price of houses that are not cheap causes almost everyone to consider them carefully. In addition to price considerations that are in accordance with financial capabilities, other factors such as location, access to transportation facilities, and proximity to public facilities are also important aspects. Meanwhile, if you’re more interested in buying a plot of land, just check out lombok buy land.

So that you are not wrong in stepping and making decisions, you should first identify what things can be a stumbling block when buying a first home.

Limited salary

First-time buyers or beginner buyers are usually fresh graduates who are just working so that their financial abilities are not too strong. In installments, they may be able to pay, but for the down payment, they may not be able to.

Bank trust

Not scaring, filing a mortgage is not an easy matter. An important point that you must have is the bank’s trust in your financial capabilities. And of course, banks don’t just approve mortgage applications, especially for those of you who have just worked.

Consumptive attitude

This point may seem trivial, but the consumptive attitude is often a stumbling block for many people to buy a house. Instead of saving for a down payment, there are actually entangled in credit card debt due to a pattern of life that is too consumptive.

Fortunately, the Government has issued a ten percent down payment policy so that it is not too burdensome compared to previous regulations. So funds for advances might be borrowed from your parents.

But it is not recommended if you apply for a loan for advances through the bank too. Too risky. Remember, the composition of total debt cannot be more than 30 percent of your total income.

After all, how can you afford to pay the house installments while paying down the down payment?

And the best step is to get a better advance by setting aside your income. The trick, invest a regular ten percent of your salary into a savings account that is separate from the account you normally use.

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