Avoid Some Mistakes In Car Maintenance That Will Give Bad Impact

Avoid Some Mistakes In Car Maintenance That Will Give Bad Impact

Cars are sure to be the thing that many people need to offer the mobility they need. For that, every part of the car should always be given proper care and good to be used in a long time. One of the parts you should always look at is power steering. You may be asking what is power steering, but it’s good for you to take care of it regularly well and correctly.

In car maintenance, there are still some people who turn out to make mistakes. There are some errors that turned out to have a very bad impact on the quality of the car. some of the mistakes that often occur when car care is

– Use detergent to clean the car
All people think that washing the car with detergent will make the car body will be cleaner. In fact, the various materials contained in the detergent will damage the color of your car exterior. So, you should always use a special car shampoo to wash the car to paint your car is not damaged and still be good as early.

– Never serve the car
There are still many car owners who only do changes oil without service periodically on the car. it is a wrong thing because the machine will be more optimal if paid attention fully and perfectly. That way, the car remains nice and comfortable when used.

– Balancing and spooring as necessary
Doing balancing and spooring as if still rarely done by every car owner, when all the activities only did when needed or when the car has a complaint. Instead, do balancing and spooring every 10,000 or 20,000 km. these two things can also reduce the fuel consumption is lower and the quality of the tires to be good and not easily damaged.

– Turn on the machine in the morning
Never step on the accelerator when you turn on the car in the morning. If this is done, it will result in a good effect on the vehicle.

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