Athletes With The Highest Salary

Athletes With The Highest Salary

Business and Financial problems are always the main problem for everyone. Many people can not manage money well because they have a small monthly salary. If we have good achievement and ability, it may not be difficult to get a big salary. Only a few jobs with an important position can have a large salary. However, there are jobs that may not be aware of having a larger salary than a boss in the company and one of them is an athlete. Some people argue that athletes do not have a bright future but, if we look at some names under the assumption it will be wrong.

1. Floyd Mayweather

Who does not know this controversial boxer? Despite having a small body and no bigger compared to some other boxers, in the end, Mayweather became the richest athlete in the world with a salary of US $ 300 million per year. Only 5% of Mayweather’s salary is earned from the sponsor and 95% or $285 million USD is provided by the promoter. Floyd Mayweather is the world champion in heavyweight boxing.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

The footballer currently playing for the Real Madrid team became one of the world’s richest athletes with revenues of US $ 79.6 million per year. The salary received by Cristiano Ronaldo from the football club is $52.6 million USD per year. Although there are some soccer players who have higher salaries than him, the endorsements income from leading products makes Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary per year bigger than them.

3. LeBron James
As an NBA basketball player who defends the Cleveland Cavaliers team, LeBron James is the highest paid basketball player in the world. Although not as big as the two names above, LeBron James has a salary of $64.8 million USD every year. Achievements are not few, two times the Most Valuable Player in the NBA and bring the Cleveland Cavaliers as NBA champions in 2016.

4. Phil Mickelson

One of the sports that have the greatest endorsements value is Golf. Yes, we often hear golfers who earn the salary from sponsorship 10 times the salary paid by the team and one of them is Phil Mickelson.

To get the same annual salary with the above famous names, we must have a great achievement and it is not easy. They all have great passion and hard work to achieve it all.

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