7 Tips for Wisely Choosing Umrah Travel

7 Tips for Wisely Choosing Umrah Travel

As we have heard lately, both news from various media has become viral on the internet, many Umrah travels have misused their Umrah pilgrimage money my link . Therefore, to avoid fraud from the travel person, Here are 7 Tips for Choosing a Safe Travel Umrah that we’d like to share with you the site here. On the other hand, don’t forget to check out the hajj packages 2018 as well.

1. Select Official Travel Registered at the Ministry of Religion

Basically, the organizers of Umrah religious travel must have a permit bag recognized by the Central Ministry of Religion. The permit issued can be accessed by the public at the Ministry of Religion website.

2. Make sure the Travel Office Address

Official and trusted umrah travel usually occupies a permanent office / building and a clear address. This must be considered for the public regarding the status of the address owned by travel. If something is undesirable, the public can go to the office and report it to the authorities

3. Ensure the Facilities Provided

Healthy umrah travel will certainly be open about the facilities provided. The public must ask in detail and in detail what facilities are provided by travel.

Because there are several payment terms that are included in all facilities, but there are also services that are usually partly outside the facility that require additional costs.

Well, therefore the people must understand it so that there will be no disappointment in the future.

4. Ensure the Track Record

Trustworthy umrah travel usually has a lot of experience and is good in the eyes of worshipers. Make sure the Umrah travel to be used has good credibility. Starting from the long time the company was established until how many times the travel had traveled to Baitullah.

5. Don’t be tempted by cheap Umrah prices

Cheap umrah prices are very much in demand by the public. Many Umrah travels offer low prices even below the standard prices set by the Ministry of Religion.

Cheap umrah prices are of course there are some facilities that are less qualified, such as planes with lower classes, very far distance hotels, uncomfortable transportation and food that is not in accordance with your local food.

6. Ensure Payment Method

Generally, every travel umrah uses banking services for all types of payments. Therefore, make sure the destination travel has an account with the name of the company not on personal behalf.

The public must be careful when meeting Umrah travels that user accounts in their personal names.

7. Ensure the existence of Muthawwif

Generally, Umrah travel must provide Muthawwif namely Umrah worship guides who accompany pilgrims while in the Holy Land. Muthawwif is very important for the pilgrims so that they do not find it difficult to do the pillars of umrah, direct tourist attractions, even the supervisor can be a translator when communicating with the local population.

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