5 Ways to Maintain Stamina When Driving Long Distance

5 Ways to Maintain Stamina When Driving Long Distance

Not only the car that you have to prepare when you travel long distances. Keeping your stamina while driving long distances is also required to do. What should you do to maintain your body’s condition when going to drive long distances? Furthermore, before we continue, you may want to consider taking DOT physical examination to ensure your health and safety level when you’re driving DOT physical.

1. Pay attention to driving comfort, starting from the seat position to the distance with the steering wheel

The position that is not right and uncomfortable when driving will make the driver tired. Spacing the bench with the steering wheel as comfortable as possible. Adjust the chair so you don’t have to stretch when touching the steering wheel. Then position your chair at an angle of 100 degrees, so you don’t bend. And block your back using a small pillow or even a rolled towel.

2. Prepare healthy food

Packing your own food is the best way to keep eating healthy while maintaining stamina while driving long distances. Good foods include dry fruits, long-lasting fresh fruit such as apples, grapes, or oranges, and nuts.

3. Adequate fluid needs

Refill your energy by consuming water. Avoid consuming other liquids such as coffee, syrup, or drinks that contain caffeine, soda, and other dyes. In addition, to restore the freshness of the body, water can make you concentrate more. Alternatively, you can choose an isotonic drink to restore the body’s electrolytes.

4. Take a break

If you travel for up to 6 hours, you should rest every 2 hours. This is needed to eliminate tension in the muscles of the body while restoring energy, either by eating or just lying down. If you drive a car too long without resting, your body will lack concentration.

5. Stay relaxed and don’t get carried away on the streets

When stuck in traffic, you are emotionally vulnerable. Manage emotions by breathing or listening to your favorite songs. Stretching the muscles in a four-wheeled vehicle while snacking while stuck in traffic can also be an option. Make the most of the traffic jams by doing fun things or just taking a break.

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