3 Common mistakes in cooking rice

3 Common mistakes in cooking rice

Although every day eating rice, does not mean we are cooking rice. Generally, we consider the trivial errors that often do when cooking rice. Though some of them can be risky to health. Aside from that, the right choice of a rice cooker can also affect the quality of your rice. So perhaps you need to check out The Crazy Baker reviews to see the finest brands of the rice cooker that you can buy.

Here’s a list of errors when cooking rice is revealed Mashed:

1. Not using the correct equipment

Most of us believe a pan with the nonstick coating is the best for cooking rice. Though not always so, especially if used for high heating and repeatedly like to cook rice. Some coating substances will be damaged over time and this can be accidentally swallowed by you and your family.

2. Do not wash the rice

Many opinions say, do not wash the rice is too clean. Later nutrients and vitamins become reduced or even lost. People who buy rice in containers even too believe that the rice will be consumed it is present in a clean condition, so no need to be washed again. But, try occasionally you make sure the cleanliness of rice that you buy by collecting the water used in the bowl in the bowl. If it looks crisp white, you can be sure the rice you buy is clean. If it looks a little brownish or cloudy, washing once or twice with cold water will be much better.

3. Not maintain the quality of the aroma of rice

If not smell the aroma of rice when eating it. Something went wrong in the process of the heating, check the volume of water used to cook rice. Water is too much and too long cooking time will make the aroma is lost. To keep the rice perfectly ripe in short time, soak the rice for a while before cooking. Rice that has been slightly tender just need a little water and time to cook it.

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